How Long Do LED's Last?. Most LED modules are rated for 50,000 hours and can tollerate fluxuation in voltages better than incandescent bulbs. LED's are diodes and do not contain a filament. This makes them hardier for RV applications and are not effected as much by road vibration.

LED Color (Kelvin Temperature) Preference? The color temperature of an LED that you buy from us is really a personal preference situation. If you are in doubt, try ordering one of each LED light for your fixture and see which light temperature you prefer.

Where are the LED's I Order Shipped From? All our LED's are shipped from the Continental United States. The LED's are tested and packaged by LED RV Lighting employees.

My LED's Seem Dimmer than the Incondescent Lamps. The LED's you receive should be as bright or brighter, depending on the color you picked. You may want to check your house or chassis batteries to see if they have the proper voltage. A typical lead-acid battery is fully charged at 13.2v.

LED Returns. LED RV Lighting strives to provide you with the best LED lighting available. In the event a unit fails within our one (1) year warranty, please call or e-mail us so we can try and troubleshoot the problem. In the event we determine the LED has failed, we will replace it with a LED light of equal configuration and temperature range and ship it within the U.S. at no cost to the customer. We may require that you send the defective light back to us.

Some LED's I Received Work in Some Fixtures But Not in Others? Some of our LED lights have a polarity (positive and negative legs) and if they are inserted into a socket 180 degrees incorrectly, they will not light even though they are good. Before contacting us, try rotating the LED light 180 degrees and replace the light into the socket. Most of the time this will fix the problem. If not, contact us so we can troubleshoot your particular unit.

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